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Alongside with Portman—the leading manufacturer of security devices—I-TRACKING is the GPS devices distribution division of Portman. This collaboration means there is no third party outsource of materials and manufacturing required to meet heavy volume demands of our clients. Portman envisioned themselves to be the preferred source globally and now boasts a 200,000 square feet facility in China producing and delivering superior products to over 70 countries worldwide.

The I-TRACKING product provides I-tracking started in 2009 with highly experienced people from automotive security system and telematics, we have installed more than 10000 vehicles and the numbers are growing.


Design and development for hardware and software to ensure 100% compatibility for peace of mind. Understanding your requirements through our free consultation before planning the GPS Fleet Management Solutions.


Configure web-based and client-based server tracking system to ensure information are always synced online. Round the clock Command & Control Centre Services. Responsive and prompt after sales service and repairs. Total customisation for GPS Fleet Management Solutions. Before you embark on the I-TRACKING systems, our expert engineers will provide free consultation to understand your specific requirements as well as expansion possibilities for 100% peace of mind during the design and development stage.

After vigorous testing during the implementation stage, we will proceed to install and setup I-TRACKING devices onto vehicles and launch the tracking system with total customisable GPS Fleet Management Solutions.

Web-based, client-based server and the 24/7 dedicated Command & Control Centre Services will be configured and tested to ensure information are always synced online. We pride ourselves in providing responsive and prompt after sales service and repair to minimise downtime to your business.



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