I-TRACKING then activates signals from the attached transponder and transmits information via satellite to our servers. Exact data is determined and retrieved with a web-based system powered by a host of servers: A web Server; Location Server; Database Server; Communications Server, and a state-of-the-art Data Centre that provides real-time analysis.

It then transmits this information and any other information collected from any sensors attached to our servers using GPRS. These servers, namely Web Server, Location Server, Database Server, and Communication Server, together with a Data Center, provide a web-based system to determine and analyse the location of vehicles and personnel.

Besides the ease of keeping track of your fleet, I-TRACKING offers a variety of Web-based, Client-based applications and reports for further fleet analyses. These applications have been optimised for personal computers and smartphones. This means you can genuinely stay updated with your fleet anytime, anywhere.

The I-TRACKING system also allows you to monitor your fleet’s travelling speed, idle time, battery and fuel levels. Your organisation can look forward to a more productive and environmentally friendly fleet—real-time vehicle status - vehicle number, location, speed, idle time, battery, fuel etc.

With the i-Tracking GPS fleet management system, you are always in total control of your fleet. I-Tracking lets you leverage real-time fleet management information to manage your fleet, cargo and drivers better quickly and effectively.


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