Passenger Bus Management GPS Tracking
HS600 Next stop display and annunciator
Real time video display
Embedded Linux operating system

  • 4 composite video inputs, 1 composite video output
  • 2 channel audio inputs, 1 channel audio output
  • Available TTS Voice function
  • Hands-free phone & Public address systems
  • Can be connected to LED scrolling display for routing information and advertisement
  • Automatic or manual stop announcement
  • Video display supports single screen, four screen display
  • Standard PAL format, 25 frame/sec & NTSC. 30 frame/sec
  • Image compression H.264, variable rate (VBR)/fixed stream (CBR)
  • Optional CIF/D1 image format
  • Monitor the quality of PAL: 720x576 (D1) NTSC: 720x480 (D1)
  • Playback quality of PAL: 352x288 (CIF) NTSC: 352x480 (CIF)
  • Audio bit rate 16KB/S
  • Edit, send & receive message from server
  • Built in Smart IC card holder
  • Built in SD storage (1G - 64G)
  • Basic GPS tracking w/OTA functions
  • Voltage 9V – 30V
  • 12 digital inputs, 1 A/D input & 3 outputs
  • External GSM/GPS antenna
  • Smart speed report
  • SOS Button
  • Customized com port available

Optional Accessories:
CAN50 (Canbus data module)
FN100 (Truck fuel tank needle)
ID200 (Driver ID detection)
RL100 (Started kill relay 12V or 24V)

Additional wireless receiver & wireless sensor:
AX01-12C (Wireless receiver)
T56AH (Wireless panic button)

Available module Range:

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