Android OS GPS Tracking
High precision capacitative touch screen 4.3”
Available TTS Voice function

  • Hands-free phone & navigation functions
  • Built in Bluetooth, Wifi, Radio Receiver (FM)
  • Built in high definition camera (1 million pixels)
  • Built in Smart IC card holder
  • Built in SD storage (1G – 32G)
  • Edit, send & receive message from server
  • Dual Simcard
  • Dual domain name design
  • GPS, GSM, battery status, duty-on/off, self-Geofence on/off indication
  • Device ID/speed/direction/temperature display
  • Inbox, outbox and phonebook with shortcut buttons
  • MP3 & Video player
  • Basic GPS tracking w/OTA functions
  • Voltage 9V – 30V
  • 8 digital inputs, 1 A/D inputs and 4 outputs
  • Built in backup battery (LI-ION 1050mAH) standby 3 days
  • Built in GSM/GPS/Bluetooth/Radio antenna
  • Fleet management standard report
  • Low battery report
  • Smart speed report
  • Towed report
  • Available parking camera (Optional)
  • Customized com port Available

Optional Accessories:
OBD50 (OBDII data module)
CAN50 (Canbus data module)
FU700 (Vehicle fuel tank converter)
FN100 (Truck fuel tank needle)
RL100 (Starter kill relay 12V or 24V)
Parking camera
Camera (USB) for Digital Video Recorder

Additional wireless receiver & wireless sensor:
AX01-12C (Wireless receiver)
TM700F (Wireless temperature sensor)
DT700F (Wireless door sensor)
T56AH (Wireless panic button)

Available module Range:
CV2000MG GPRS (Quad band)

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