Taxi Transportation Solution GPS Tracking
Interfaces with a ‘Call Taxi’ App on smart phones: Display the 5 closest available taxis, driver information and service review
Reserve a taxi

  • In cab display: allows driver to accept or decline passenger’s reservation. Can navigate to passenger’s location & can automatically video inside & outside of taxi
  • High precision capacitative touch screen 4.3”
  • Dual Simcard
  • Dual Domain name design
  • Hands-free phone & navigation functions
  • Available TTS Voice function
  • GPS, GSM, battery status, duty-on/off, self-Geofence on/off indication
  • Built in high definition camera (1 million pixels)
  • Built in Smart IC card holder
  • Built in GSM/GPS/Bluetooth/Radio antenna
  • Built in SD storage (1G – 32G)
  • Built in backup battery (LI-ION 1050mAH) standby 3 days
  • Built in Bluetooth, Wifi, Radio Receiver (FM)
  • Edit, send & receive message from server
  • Voltage 9V – 30V
  • 8 digital inputs, 1 A/D inputs and 4 outputs
  • Low battery report
  • Smart speed report
  • Towed report
  • Available parking camera (Optional)
  • SOS Button
  • Customized com port Available

Optional Accessories:
OBD50 (OBDII data module)
FU700 (Vehicle fuel tank converter)
RL100 (Starter kill relay 12V or 24V)
Parking camera
Camera (USB) for Digital Video Recorder

Available module Range:
CV2100MG GPRS (Quad band)

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