MDT Mobile Data Terminal

  • Edit, send & receive message from server
  • 104mm X 40mm, 192 X 64 dots LCD panel with backlight
  • Additional duo serial ports
  • Real time GPS/status information display
  • GPS, GSM, battery status, duty on/off, self-Geofence on/off indication
  • Device ID/speed/direction/temperature display
  • Display last report delivered
  • Rotation knob for easy, fast navigation and selection of menu items
  • Inbox, outbox and phonebook with shortcut buttons
  • Inbox and outbox capacity of up to 100 messages
  • Up to 100 pre-programmed phone numbers for phonebook
  • Up to 20 phone numbers capacity for recent call-list
  • Intelligent power management
  • Dial & answer phone calls (HS120 only)

Optional Accessories:
Swipe card reader
Bar code reader

Available module Range:
HS120 (With phone functions)

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