Motorcycle GPS Tracking with Alarm
Motorcycle alarm function with remote control

  • Basic GPS tracking w/OTA functions
  • Voltage 6V – 16V
  • 2 inputs, 1 AD input and 1 output
  • Built in 3D tilt sensor
  • Built in louder Piezo Siren
  • Built in battery (LI-ION 1050mAH) Standby 3 days
  • Built in receiver
  • Add-on Zero power consumption feature
  • Built in GSM/GPS antenna
  • Fleet management standard report
  • Dual Domain name design
  • Low battery report
  • Smart speed report
  • Tow report
  • Geo-Fence: 5 Circular, 5 Rectangular, 20 points

Optional Accessories:
RL100 (Starter kill relay 6V or 12V)
Transmitter (Numerous selectable design)

Available module Range:
MT1050MG GPRS (Quad band)

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