Watertight and versatile designed GPS Tracking
Reliable & Stable for any Extreme Environment

  • Basic GPS tracking w/OTA functions
  • Voltage 9V – 30V
  • 3 digital inputs & 3 outputs
  • Built in 3D tilt sensor (crash report, harsh brake/acceleration reports)
  • Built in backup battery (VALA 1.2A/12VH) Standby 10 days
  • Add-on Zero power consumption feature
  • Built in GSM/GPS antenna
  • Fleet management standard report
  • Dual Domain name design
  • Low battery report
  • Smart speed report
  • Tow report
  • Geo-Fence: 5 Circular, 5 Rectangular, 20 points
  • SOS button
  • LED Indicator
  • Customized com port available

Optional Accessories:
OBD50 (OBDII data module)
CAN50 (Canbus data module)
FU700 (Vehicle fuel tank converter)
FN100 (Truck fuel tank needle)
ID200 (Driver ID detection)
RL100 (Starter kill relay 12V or 24V)
TID100 (Trailer ID sensor)

Additional wireless receiver & wireless sensor:
RX01-12C (Wireless receiver)
TM700F (Wireless temperature sensor)
DT700F (Wireless door sensor)
T56AH (Wireless panic button)

Available module Range:
GT8200MG GPRS (Quad band)

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